The Plant-Based Table Cookbook


The Plant-Based Table E-Cook Book features an introduction to plant-based ingredients and cooking, with a variety of recipes covering:

Starters & Snacks

Main Courses

Salads & Sides

Sauces & Spreads



There’s a fine line between healthy eating and being unhealthily obsessed in a way that limits your enjoyment and impacts all areas of your life.


We live in a world where foods are labelled good or bad, calories are still counted, thinness and fatness are in constant debate, and wellness influencers on social media have become go-to lifestyle experts when many of them are actually promoting disordered eating.


There are so many other facets to our lives that deserve attention. Wouldn't it be freeing to be empowered with choices that not only give healthful benefits but make you look and feel good and bring joy to your table?

Fuel your body with what it wants. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. It doesn't have to be complicated.


If you're reluctantly having a salad when you’re craving but fearing carbs or waiting until it's 'meal time' when you're already hungry, you're making it difficult for yourself. And that's when you find that your next meal is probably not the food you look forward to eating. That's punishment.


You don’t have to follow rules or make sacrifices to enjoy the foods that you want, just be flexible. You can have the best of everything by making alternative choices so that you can get on with the joy of living well.


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