Playing with the chemistry of good fats, unrefined sugars, nutritionally-dense fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, learn how to make baked goods with healthful ingredients to create different textures and flavours. Find out how to how to make toppings and fillings with no sugar, dairy, eggs, gelatin or anything artificial. Just good ingredients and great taste.

Create sweet and savoury canapés, miniatures, and petit fours for afternoon teas, celebrations and entertaining. As a bonus, learn how to make shrubs and some botanical mocktails.

Learn about the essentials you need to whip up quick, easy and nutritious meals that are not only great-tasting but will make you look good and feel good too.  From Breakfast & Brunch to Starters & Main Courses, the focus is on alternative ingredients, adding colour and variety to your home cooking, and increasing your enjoyment of good food.


Eat Well & You Will Never Have To Watch What You Eat Again

All our recipes are packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, low in natural, unrefined sugar, good fats, and free from gluten, dairy, eggs,

soy, additives, and preservatives.


Minimal ingredients and simple processes ensure that foods retain optimum nutrients, rev up the metabolism, cleanse and energise. It's all good.

We work with a range of ingredients to show you effortless ways to add flavour and variety to your table, plus tips to save time and increase

your enjoyment of good food.


Recipes change with the seasons and involve a mixture of demonstrations, ingredients guide, tips and ideas, Q&A, and tasting table. 

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We can tailor to your needs with private or group demonstrations and/or tastings, with the inclusion

of a gift box of products to take away and try at home.